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Writing down the username and password for the vivacom ADSL router, in case I need it again. user: root pass: warmWLspot Useful to telnet and then reboot. Originally found at Neo2SHYAlien blog. And here I found passwords for other models, just in case. ZTE ZXDSL 832 username: root password: GSrootaccess ZTE ZXDSL 831 username: […]

I struggled for a week having udev (on CentOS 6.3) do all kinds of silly things with the interfaces names on a server with 4 onboard 1G interfaces, an 2 dual port Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards. The short story is that udev was trying to preserve the names of the interfaces to be consistently numbered starting […]

I’ve been struggling with a wireless SBG900 for a couple of hours now. The interface looks fine (as far as wireless router interfaces go) and I had the simple setting up WPA security on this router. The higher security setting was supposed to replace the current no password + MAC restriction setup. The bottom line […]

I have a pretty simple mythtv box. It boots over PXE and the root partition is read-only exported over NFS. After bumping the kernel on the server that hosts the NFS to 2.6.34 my mythbox no longer wanted to boot. It was hanging right after managing to look up the mountd port on the NFS […]

A few common problems when setting up a stateful firewall to allow FTP traffic. FTP needs a separate data connection for transferring files or file listings. It has two modes of operation passive The clients request the server to listen for a connection. The server responds with the address and port where it is listening […]

After trying to use jumbo frames on my newly upgraded network and realizing that one adapter is not enough, I simply left things as they were. Come today, my NFS mounted directories on the server were unaccessible and none of restarting the NFS server (just the NFS server process, not the machine itself) unmounting the […]

I got a new Intel Pro/1000 XT server adapter, a so-so switching hub (NetGear GS105) and I immediately upgraded my network. Since both the Intel adapter and the switch were jumbo frame compatible, I decided to try that feature out. Ran the following commands on the server (with the Intel adapter): ip link set mtu […]