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I had the biggest PC related scare a couple of days ago. After I had two disks in my RAID5 fail in a very short amount of time and only pure luck saved my data I moved to RAID6 and I felt safer. That was, until two days ago I ran: # pvs -v pvs […]

Coda is looking like a promising piece of infrastructure. However blogging about its awesomeness (that I personally haven’t experienced yet) is pointless. People usually look for solutions to problems so here is my share. The environment that kind of worked out of the box was the following: All users are in Windows Active Directory Clients […]

I have a pretty simple mythtv box. It boots over PXE and the root partition is read-only exported over NFS. After bumping the kernel on the server that hosts the NFS to 2.6.34 my mythbox no longer wanted to boot. It was hanging right after managing to look up the mountd port on the NFS […]

After trying to use jumbo frames on my newly upgraded network and realizing that one adapter is not enough, I simply left things as they were. Come today, my NFS mounted directories on the server were unaccessible and none of restarting the NFS server (just the NFS server process, not the machine itself) unmounting the […]