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A nice feature in XEN that I miss in KVM is the ability to use a single partition as a disk image. In XEN you can do disk = [ ‘file:/dev/vg0/img_root,sda1,r’ ] and you can also safely mount /dev/vg0/img_root when the virtual machine is not powered on. With KVM you’re out of luck, or at […]

Edit the svn:externals property for the directory where the external stuff will go into svn propedit svn:externals . Add a line for each external entry you want to have: local/path http://external/repo local/path2 -r### http://external/repo Example for me adding jokey’s virtualbox ebuilds: svn pe svn:externals /var/repos/chutz/app-emulation virtualbox virtualbox-additions virtualbox-bin virtualbox-guest-additions virtualbox-modules […]

Note to self for common commands use by ImageMagick: The manual The examples Geometry specification [width]x[height][+-x+-y] Cropping Always use “+repage” or else… When cropping do specify +0+0 or you’ll get lots of tiles Checking the output on the command line — use xpm:- for output ( -compress none pbm:- is also kind-of usable). Thumbnail gallery: […]

The problem Here’s a simplified snippet of what illustrates the problem I had today. SQLiteCommand cmd = cnn.CreateCommand(“SELECT a.a1, b.b1 FROM a INNER JOIN b USING (b1)”); SQLiteDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader(); DataTable dt = new DataTable(); dt.Load(reader); reader.Close(); The problem is that dt.Rows.Count is way lower than what running the same statement in the SQLite […]

Mutt is my mail client of choice. The reasons are simple: It… is fast is usable from the command line (a big plus) lets you do essentially anything to a message supports hooks for very flexible configuraiton And the tip of the day — how to fix unreadable (as in — mojibake mail) to be […]

So I got XEN working but the network interfaces on my host became a mess and it is somewhat related to my naming conventions. I like to name my interfaces with easy (at least to me) to understand names. For example, my local interface is named “lan”. The one that my PPPoE connections are running […]

So, I had some time to see why XEN refused to work last time. The first obvious problem was that I had not loaded any modules. So far, so good. I quickly loaded all back-related modules, specifically netloop, netbk, blkbk, and xenblktap. Not loading these would give weird errors about a device not being connectable. […]

I decided once again that it is time to give XEN a try. I decided to try it on a newer Athlon 64 X2 with virtualisation capabilities. That latter is important, as my overall intention is to also try OSes that are “incompatible” with XEN. I know that there are other alternatives but I’ll write […]

Alright, here’s what I do to get wget from the Native Win32 ports GNU collection to work with as little fuss as possible. set WGETRC=%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\.wgetrc cat > %HOMEDIR%%HOMEPATH%\.wgetrc http_proxy = http://PROXY:PORT/ ftp_proxy = http://PROXY:PORT/ use_proxy = on proxy_user = USERNAME proxy_passwd = PASSWORD user_agent = SOMETHING GOES HERE ^Z^Z Pay attention to proxy_passwd. wget is […]

Just to summarize why Firefox does not trust the online shop. Apparently the server at only sends its own certificate when I open their page. What most sites usually do is that they send not only their own certificate, but also the certificate of their issuer, and the certificate of that issuer and […]