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Logwatch was good enough to show me that I had my logs filled with messages like these… repeating themselves over and over ad infinitum:

I have been using ekiga occasionally to call my parents back home. The default VoIP provider in ekiga did not provide a very good service initially but have improved lately. A call to a landline in Bulgaria is less than $0.04/min and the quality is acceptable. Still, the service is not as good as I […]

A few days ago I decided to bump the kernel on the server from to While recompiling I decided to remove the support from 32-bit executables from the kernel and see what is going to break. Here is the short list: GRUB no longer worked. Apparently it is a 32-bit executable. memtest86+ cannot […]

At the office my Firefox again managed to eat up to 500 MB of RAM before I decided to kill it. That has been happening often lately. It’s a machine with 2G of RAM and these leaks were not that big of a problem until now. However, lately I’ve been needing at least 1.5GB […]

Wrapping Japanese (well, any language in the CJK group) text in Vim can be tricky as there is seldom any whitespace where a line break can be inserted. A relatively decent solution is to use this script (currently dead). It will insert a line break where necessary while avoiding inserting a break in front of […]

I am trying out Cacti for monitoring my systems. The package works more or less OK, except that it does not plot the graphics properly. I was getting messages like “sh: /rrdtool: No such file or directory” in my apache error log, unclear what was causing them. The cause of the problem — I had […]

My previous entry about rsync segafults was obviously following the wrong lead. I again stumbled upon the segfault problem when syncing a hundred-something thousand files. It was hard to debug the problem since it was not easy to reproduce. Furthermore, the multiple forks of the rsync process do not allow for easy debugging. I tried […]

I’ve been using my two 500G drives in a mixed RAID1/RAID5 array. The drives are partitioned in three — 100M, 10G, and 460G partitions. The first partition of every drive is in a RAID1 — this is my boot partition. The 10G partitions are also in a RAID1 (the root partition). And the big partitions […]

I recently discovered that my coding skills have atrophied in the last year. The problem — I haven’t had a chance to do anything at work. There are two possible solutions that I see: either get another job or find some projects to work on in my free time (plenty of that). I am thus […]

MS Word at work just complained that it cannot find the file that I told it to open. The solution was to use the File -> Open menu and choose the “Open and repair” button.