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Inserting page breaks when printing in VIM is trivial but I had never had to do it. It basically involves two steps. First, insert the form-feed character in your file where you want a page break to occur. The character is 0x0C and you can use Control+V and then Control+L to insert it. It will […]

VMware Workstation 6 Beta has been out for almost a month now. I tried it out and some of the features are really nice. The one I like best is that virtual machines can be left to run in the background now. That, combined with the integrated VNC support means that you can run a […]

I am running netqmail patched for with TLS support under sslserver from the ucspi-ssl package. However, every time a connection is closed the sslserver process segfaults. On the Opteron it also causes messages like sslserver[13106] general protection rip:2ab6c23cf687 rsp:7fffe89e9308 error:0 to appear in my system log. Currently tracing the problem, but it seems that the […]

I just got a few very weird errors when updating a cvs checkout of Horde. See for yourselves: # cvs up cvs [update aborted]: cannot get working directory: No such file or directory After lots of scratching I figured that the cause is hidden in the fact that a parent directory is mounted with “-o […]

I have been trying to figure out why rsync was Segfault-ing when trying to transfer several hundred gigabytes from the old server to the new one. It was working fine but I interrupted it a few times. And then, when I was down to 5-6 gigabytes it would transfer a file or two (small files […]

In Vim, to move the cursor to a location where there is no character, use the “virtualedit” or “ve” commands. E.g., :set ve=all and then move around freely. I always keep forgetting that.

I’m building a new server, but since I am a little short on cash I managed to only buy two 500GB Western Digital hard drives. The logical solution would be to add them to a RAID-1. RAID-0 offers no redundancy in case of a crash, and RAID-5 is not possible if you believe what everyone […]

Here is a short summary of how I am managing my SSL certificates Edit /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf and add a section for each separate certificate authority, e.g. CA_servers CA_clients, CA_vpn Use a safe umask: umask 077 Generate a private key an unencrypted key (no password needed) openssl genrsa -out key.pem 2048 an encrypted key (with a password) […]

After trying to use jumbo frames on my newly upgraded network and realizing that one adapter is not enough, I simply left things as they were. Come today, my NFS mounted directories on the server were unaccessible and none of restarting the NFS server (just the NFS server process, not the machine itself) unmounting the […]

Google webmaster tools will not verify a site by the file upload method if it does not return a proper 404 code on missing pages. With WordPress and permalinks enabled, everything is redirected to index.php, which does exist and unless the PHP code itself overrides the return code, the response would be 200. The solution […]