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My brand new pair of disks in a setup that would otherwise work perfectly fine, decided to keep giving me headache. There are only two disks in the machine, partitioned in three, with the first two pairs of partitions in a RAID1 array. And every now and then one of the disks would disappear from […]

After I left a loop moving the data from my LVM2 LVs to a new raid1 array overnight (I wanted to also reorder the LVs physically at the beginning of the disk) I came back in the morning to see that one of the moves had hung. I killed it, and the loop kept going. […]

I’ve been using my two 500G drives in a mixed RAID1/RAID5 array. The drives are partitioned in three — 100M, 10G, and 460G partitions. The first partition of every drive is in a RAID1 — this is my boot partition. The 10G partitions are also in a RAID1 (the root partition). And the big partitions […]

I’m building a new server, but since I am a little short on cash I managed to only buy two 500GB Western Digital hard drives. The logical solution would be to add them to a RAID-1. RAID-0 offers no redundancy in case of a crash, and RAID-5 is not possible if you believe what everyone […]