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Mutt is my mail client of choice. The reasons are simple: It… is fast is usable from the command line (a big plus) lets you do essentially anything to a message supports hooks for very flexible configuraiton And the tip of the day — how to fix unreadable (as in — mojibake mail) to be […]

Wrapping Japanese (well, any language in the CJK group) text in Vim can be tricky as there is seldom any whitespace where a line break can be inserted. A relatively decent solution is to use this script (currently dead). It will insert a line break where necessary while avoiding inserting a break in front of […]

Inserting page breaks when printing in VIM is trivial but I had never had to do it. It basically involves two steps. First, insert the form-feed character in your file where you want a page break to occur. The character is 0x0C and you can use Control+V and then Control+L to insert it. It will […]

In Vim, to move the cursor to a location where there is no character, use the “virtualedit” or “ve” commands. E.g., :set ve=all and then move around freely. I always keep forgetting that.