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A nice feature in XEN that I miss in KVM is the ability to use a single partition as a disk image. In XEN you can do disk = [ ‘file:/dev/vg0/img_root,sda1,r’ ] and you can also safely mount /dev/vg0/img_root when the virtual machine is not powered on. With KVM you’re out of luck, or at […]

So I got XEN working but the network interfaces on my host became a mess and it is somewhat related to my naming conventions. I like to name my interfaces with easy (at least to me) to understand names. For example, my local interface is named “lan”. The one that my PPPoE connections are running […]

So, I had some time to see why XEN refused to work last time. The first obvious problem was that I had not loaded any modules. So far, so good. I quickly loaded all back-related modules, specifically netloop, netbk, blkbk, and xenblktap. Not loading these would give weird errors about a device not being connectable. […]

I decided once again that it is time to give XEN a try. I decided to try it on a newer Athlon 64 X2 with virtualisation capabilities. That latter is important, as my overall intention is to also try OSes that are “incompatible” with XEN. I know that there are other alternatives but I’ll write […]