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I struggled for a week having udev (on CentOS 6.3) do all kinds of silly things with the interfaces names on a server with 4 onboard 1G interfaces, an 2 dual port Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards. The short story is that udev was trying to preserve the names of the interfaces to be consistently numbered starting […]

My brand new pair of disks in a setup that would otherwise work perfectly fine, decided to keep giving me headache. There are only two disks in the machine, partitioned in three, with the first two pairs of partitions in a RAID1 array. And every now and then one of the disks would disappear from […]

After I left a loop moving the data from my LVM2 LVs to a new raid1 array overnight (I wanted to also reorder the LVs physically at the beginning of the disk) I came back in the morning to see that one of the moves had hung. I killed it, and the loop kept going. […]

My bank uses client SSL certificates + a single-password token for authentication. Unfortunately, the latest Firefox gives me this error: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to Renegotiation is not allowed on this SSL socket. (Error code: ssl_error_renegotiation_not_allowed) The page you are trying to view can not be shown because the […]

I had the biggest PC related scare a couple of days ago. After I had two disks in my RAID5 fail in a very short amount of time and only pure luck saved my data I moved to RAID6 and I felt safer. That was, until two days ago I ran: # pvs -v pvs […]

To avoid having to export the CROSS_COMPILE variable every time you recompile your cross-compile kernel, a suggestion I found is to define the variable in the Makefile itself. Like so: ARCH = arm CROSS_COMPILE = armv5tel-softfloat-linux-gnueabi- This is nice, but then I get conflicts when I pull in the new kernel updates with git. Or […]

Coda is looking like a promising piece of infrastructure. However blogging about its awesomeness (that I personally haven’t experienced yet) is pointless. People usually look for solutions to problems so here is my share. The environment that kind of worked out of the box was the following: All users are in Windows Active Directory Clients […]

I have a pretty simple mythtv box. It boots over PXE and the root partition is read-only exported over NFS. After bumping the kernel on the server that hosts the NFS to 2.6.34 my mythbox no longer wanted to boot. It was hanging right after managing to look up the mountd port on the NFS […]

Check what the clipboard contents are: xsel -b Put foo in the primary X selection: echo foo | xsel -p Copy the clipboard to the primary X selection: xsel -b | xsel -p This is just a hint on how to copy/paste between X programs that cannot agree on which X buffer to use. Say […]

Finally! A set of fonts that look good and properly display Japanese and Cyrillic. That is, the Cyrillic is half-width as it is supposed to be. For Gentoo users the package is media-fonts/efont-unicode or there is the official page for everyone else. Some characters like the lowercase б and д are oddly designed but that’s […]