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When trying to install grub2 (whatever snapshot was current as of today) I kept getting the following error: $ sudo /sbin/grub-setup -v –directory=/media/sysrescd/boot/grub \ –device-map=/media/sysrescd/boot/grub/ -r ‘(hd1,1)’ ‘(hd1)’ …. snip … grub-setup: error: Cannot read `/media/sysrescd/boot/grub/core.img’ correctly The error was not very descriptive because grub was apparently able to read other important files like boot.img […]

Edit the svn:externals property for the directory where the external stuff will go into svn propedit svn:externals . Add a line for each external entry you want to have: local/path http://external/repo local/path2 -r### http://external/repo Example for me adding jokey’s virtualbox ebuilds: svn pe svn:externals /var/repos/chutz/app-emulation virtualbox virtualbox-additions virtualbox-bin virtualbox-guest-additions virtualbox-modules […]

Mutt is my mail client of choice. The reasons are simple: It… is fast is usable from the command line (a big plus) lets you do essentially anything to a message supports hooks for very flexible configuraiton And the tip of the day — how to fix unreadable (as in — mojibake mail) to be […]