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Experimenting with Coda

Coda is looking like a promising piece of infrastructure. However blogging about its awesomeness (that I personally haven't experienced yet) is pointless. People usually look for solutions to problems so here is my share. The environment that kind of worked out of the box was the following: All users are in Windows Active Directory Clients are Linux (Fedora) workstations joined to the AD domain using samba and winbind Server is also Linux (CentOS 5.4) and joined to the same domain with samba Coda is using kerberos for single sign-on Now, let's try to change a few elements in this picture. Try 1: Leave the server on the windows domain, but do not use samba to do the joining. The procedure to do that deserves an article of its own, but the main issue here was with the case sensitivity of MIT Keberos (or should I say, the case in sensitivity of Windows AD). You will never be able to get clog to authenticate because the server does not have a keytab with an all-uppercase name and