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Deciding on a photo hosting service

I am getting way too lazy for my own good. After my latest trip I now want to share my photos with friends and family, and I am trying to decide how to easily to this. And since I couldn't really decide on what I need, I decide to list (mostly for myself) what I am looking for in a photo sharing service. ability to upload original images, so people can download and print photos at decent quality (12M resolution to be allowed) decent space available - my average photo size is 5MB organize photos in albums, many albums privacy - I certainly do not want to make all my photos visible to the whole world ability to share with non-account holders - I want to be able to send an email with a link to the album and not impose on my relatives to have to sign up for yet another service they may or may not need I will be trying out the two big players - Picasa and Flickr in the coming days and update this post with my findings.