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Bloody OpenBSD syslogd

I spent quite some time today trying to figure out why, oh why, syslogd doesn't want to log to a remote log host. The config file on the machine was identical to that on other machines that worked just fine. Long story made short, that particular version on that particular system didn't like having an IP address after that @ sign. A hostname worked fine. The syslog on our other redhat machines didn't care. I don't know what the reason is yet. Could it be that syslog works the same way on both machines and just does a gethostbyname on whatever is after the @ sign, and glibc gives an answer for the IP address while libc on BSD does not? Whatever the reason, bloody syslogd should at least log an error somewhere. Or a warning. Or whatever.

Switching to Gnome

Me, a long-term Windowmaker user, recently switched to Gnome. There main reason is that I had wanted to drop Windowmaker for a while now. There has been no development for a while now and I don't really like the fonts or the lack of themability of window borders and such. I decided to give Gnome a try because I've always liked the appearance of Gtk applications and a full Gnome desktop can run without having to run a zillion processes in the background. I have looked at KDE but it just doesn't feel right. One feature I really liked in Gnome was the automounting of removable media. It didn't work smoothly because there are a few prerequisites: Your user must be in the plugdev group You must not have an entry for the device in /etc/fstab The last one is mostly speculation, but when I removed the lines in /etc/fstab (leftovers from the windowmaker era) it all started working. I still prefer the Windowmaker style Alt+<Right Click and Drag> to resize a window. With