Switching to Gnome

Me, a long-term Windowmaker user, recently switched to Gnome. There main reason is that I had wanted to drop Windowmaker for a while now. There has been no development for a while now and I don't really like the fonts or the lack of themability of window borders and such.

I decided to give Gnome a try because I've always liked the appearance of Gtk applications and a full Gnome desktop can run without having to run a zillion processes in the background. I have looked at KDE but it just doesn't feel right.

One feature I really liked in Gnome was the automounting of removable media. It didn't work smoothly because there are a few prerequisites:

  • Your user must be in the plugdev group

  • You must not have an entry for the device in /etc/fstab

The last one is mostly speculation, but when I removed the lines in /etc/fstab (leftovers from the windowmaker era) it all started working.

I still prefer the Windowmaker style Alt+<Right Click and Drag> to resize a window. With Gnome (or more correctly, with metacity) it is Alt+Middle click and drag... and that's not too convenient.


  1. Ti da vidish syvpadenie :) Syshtata situaciya, samo deto me myrzeshe dirya
    shto ne mi mount-va CD-ta. Sega pyk ako i stane, imash edna bira pone :)

    P.S Taz Captcha edvam se chete


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