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Looking for a personal finance software

I have been looking for alternatives to Microsoft Money for a while. While annoying to have to keep a virtual Windows machine just for Money (which you can freely download from Microsoft by the way), it was working just great. The features I really liked about it are: Keyboard shortcuts made it very easy to quickly enter multiple entries Importing my monthly credit card statement made it very easy to reconcile and catch any potential errors Easy to get monthly reports about my spending But then one day the latest import made Money crash and I was forced to look for alternatives. Gnucash Pros: easy to match imported transactions to already existing transactions has android app that is easy to import from sufficient support for multiple currencies Cons: clumsy interface reports are almost unusable OFX support is buggy crashes on legitimate OFX files imported categories from the mobile app create duplicate transactions Skrooge Pros: very nice interface automatic download of the latest exc