Needs some project ideas

I recently discovered that my coding skills have atrophied in the last year. The problem -- I haven't had a chance to do anything at work. There are two possible solutions that I see: either get another job or find some projects to work on in my free time (plenty of that). I am thus looking for project ideas. Here is a quick list to serve me as a reminder:

  • Web based multi-protocol IM
    I am thinking this one can be done with libpurple for the IM protocol communication. This idea may be stupid and/or useless. I am thinking of using a J2EE application server and doing Java bindings for libpurple (possibly with JNI). It's an overkill, but I need to practice my Java. Or, I could use jClaim which is also GPL, but it is not maintained and I couldn't find the source for the separate protocols.

  • Enhance Ekiga.
    I have previously contributed to this project, maybe it is time to get back to working on it. I previously had the desire to implement support for driver separation for the audio input and output. This one should be a no-brainer, but I don't have the required hardware at present. Maybe I could borrow some.

Update: I actually went for solution number one -- got another job.


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