Hotmail's junk detection is silly

I do have an account, even if I only use it for chatting.

I only casually check my hotmail for any new mail. Not that I ever receive anything there, but the messenger notifies me if there is anything new, and considering that any non-allowed addresses go directly to the Junk folder, I am tempted to check what the notification is about.

I check my e-mail and I see that it is of course spam. Spam that is sent from to (well, you get the idea). Spoofing the sender's e-mail address is trivial. Hotmail administrators should know that best. Still, the Hotmail interface was lacking the omnipresent "Junk" button from the e-mail view page. That happens only because the sender e-mail was How silly is that? I guess it has something to do with them removing the "Junk" button for trusted domains like After all at least the spam that they send has to pass their own spam filter.

It is still possible to check the e-mail from the index page and use the "Junk" button on that page of course, but it would do no good. Well, screw that.


  1. That's actually useful info for me, I am working on a spam project and many of the targets are hotmail users!


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